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InvestDex is a multifaceted crypto token organization platform that equips traders with the tools to effectively manage their trade workflow, acquire or sell tokens securely, and manage such token acquisition or sale strategically while keeping a close watch on the pulse of the cryptocurrency market.

InvestDex is the first-of-its-kind workstation with a special focus on the DeFi Space, essentially making trading easier and more structured. By combining traditional task management software with the most advanced data available on the market, InvestDex’s purpose is to let you visualize, manage, and organize your assets, so traders can gain an edge on the market and strategize their investments in a well-organized manner.

The project launching was postponed with 3 months by the team and instead of raising funds early, they first preferred to develop their product and to start with confidence in this entrepreneurial journey. The project launched on 15th of June on Pancakeswap right after the completion of its triple IDO on TosDis, DuckStarter and BSCPAD. It was sold out in a matter of minutes. It’s important to notice that the amount of funding from VC’s was limited, preferring instead to give an opportunity to the community to enter at the seed sale stage. All early rounds of funding have been heavily vested to protect all of the investors from heavy selling pressure at listing. The contract address (0x853A8Ab1c365ea54719EB13A54d6B22F1fBe7FEb) is audited by SolidGroup and 75% of the liquidity is locked with Unicrypt. The other 25% are reserved for a pool on ETH which will bring Uniswap and cross-chain in a due time.

The next 2 weeks are free of charge using the platform. The payment of subscription fees will only be handled in the native INVEST token by connecting your Metamask wallet. Furthermore, InvestDex introduces a tiered system, where people who hold a predefined amount of INVEST tokens or who provide liquidity will qualify for discounts on monthly subscription fees as well as additional services.

In addition to all of this, InvestDex maintains a deflationary system where 50% of the tokens collected from subscription fees will be burned for the first six months and 15% of these fees will be burned the following year. The users of InvestDex will enjoy the sexiest UI in the space and a lot of advanced features that will help them to stay organized and to increase their wealth. Some of the features are:

  • Pair Explorer

  • Pool Explorer

  • Real time data charts

  • Multi Swap

  • New listings Explorer

  • Whale Watcher

  • Workstation (Coming soon)

  • Account Scanner

  • Portfolio

  • Unlimited favorites & Alerts

  • Interactive Calendar

  • Risk Management Calculator/Analysis

  • ETH Vs BTC Comparison

  • Telegram Bot Access (Coming soon)

  • Integrated Tools (Coming soon)

  • Integrated Limit Orders (Coming soon)

  • Wallet Tracker (Coming soon)

The Whale Watcher is a feature that allows the users to filter High Volume trades( $10K + ) tracking Whales and their movements..Its very handy tool as you can copy their trades. It can be also filtered by volume of the transactions. Generally the Whales are in the know and this can be a lucrative trading strategy. There is also an implemented feature New Token Listing. It’s a dedicated page to show all new token listings on that particular DEX. The next 2 weeks is coming the features Workstation and Interactive Calendar which will help traders and investors stay organized.

Right now, the users can visualize in beautiful charts cryptocurrencies from Uniswap and Pancakeswap. The team is currently working on the implementation of Polygon/MATIC blockchain. Next is going to be SOLANA.

All that in combination with the current Market Cap ($1,1M) should give you an idea about the potential of InvestDex and its token INVEST. The competitors are running behind that beast!

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