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In response to popular demand please find the link to this month’s Moonshot Portfolio here

For those not familiar with our monthly Moonshot Portfolio – it is a selection of 20 undervalued cryptocurrencies which have been:

● Researched

● Risk assessed

● Price target

It has been described as the most valuable free resource in the altcoin investment space.

The month ended up 16% with the portfolio up 202% since inception in February 2021.

There were some exceptional performers including OIN Finance, GeoDB and Rentible.

We added and culled three cryptocurrencies this month. Find out which cryptocurrencies we removed and the three exciting new cryptocurrencies we added by viewing the full portfolio here.

Below is an example of one of the 20 cryptocurrencies featured in this month’s Moonshot Portfolio.



StrongBlock is the first and only blockchain-agnostic protocol to reward nodes for supporting the infrastructure of their blockchain.

Strong price, chart, market cap and info | CoinGecko


STRONG believes it is important to incentivize nodes because with limited resources and no financial incentive many nodes run out-of-date software, maintain incomplete blockchain histories and are intermittently off-line. To solve this, StrongBlock has made it possible for anyone to create a node in seconds and receive STRONG token rewards every day.

They call this “Nodes as a Service”. This allows anyone to create a Full Ethereum node in a few seconds with no technical expertise.

Since the launch of the StrongBlock DeFi node protocol, over 350 nodes have been registered. The total number of nodes number nearly 15,000. STRONG recently announced a tie up with leading DeFi platform Maker DAO, a major endorsement of STRONG’s business model.

According to STRONG each Node earns $20 per day, some people have multiple nodes. That makes this an attractive way of making passive income for anyone with a PC and some IT knowledge which is a definite formula for massive growth.

White Paper

There is no formal white paper. More information on the project is available here


The project is led by an accomplished and experienced team. You can view the team here

Our Opinion

Target Price: $500

Risk Score: 6

Max circulation: 528,886

Although there is competition emerging, STRONG is a leading player in the nodes as a service space. In only one month STRONG has increased the number of nodes from 65,000 to 88,000 in the last month. Although we are not fans of its tokenomics the project is proving its model and is on a definite growth splurge. The token price has exceeded our target however we are still holders.

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