(N)udesCoin | Brand New Website | 5k Holders | Community Driven!

(N)udezCoin just got listed on CMC! Join us for a ride to “(N)udezMoon”!

Available to buy on PancakeSwap!

Contract: 0xE60ef2b118C35c987CE28d3b69f84378F2b84b4a


(N)udezcoin is for purveyors of hot and unique content. We seek to build community around three things that everyone loves. (N)udez, making money, and giving back. (N)udescoin is building platforms to empower adult content creators and bring disruption to the industry.

By holding (N)udezCoin you gain access to our exclusive Partner Platforms, community Telegram, and Discord! Where you can have more intimate interactions and chats with your favorite (N)udezCoin creators!

Feeling Risque? Community members can get in on the action too! (N)udezCoin is freely distributed by our members through tip.cc.

WHY (N)udezCoin?

(N)udezCoin empowers content creators to see more of the money they’ve earned -and makes interacting with community and tipping seamless. (N)udezCoin only partners with independent studios who intend on making sure their workers are always reaping the benefits of their labor. (N)udezCoin hodlers get intimate interactions with (N)udezCoin partners and are able to directly chat with and tip them. (N)udezCoin is a deflationary and reflective asset. You get to make bucks, while you bust nuts.


There’s a transaction fee of 3%: 2% back to holders 1% gets burned forever. No mint function or ability to rugpull Liquidity is LOCKED Governance Tokens (10%) are locked and vested. 5% of the tokens are split amongst the team.

The future of (N)udezCoin is clear:

(N)udezCoin will be the premier social token on BSC where people can learn, earn, and feel that yearnin’ burn. We’ll have community sourced content and content from your favorite entertainers. We’ll power independent platforms and allow workers and community members to earn money directly instead of paying a cut to production companies or (O)nlyfans.

Website: https://www.nudezcoin.com/


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