Mooncake | Perma-Deflationary | Consistent Revenue Stream | 100% Original, Non-Forked Code


Developer of this also helped developed Metamask, based AF. Telegram has an incredibly entertaining community, voice chats are frequent and the memes are phenomenal. I like cake and moons. Here’s the “shill” post or w/e on it:

$MOONCAKE 🥮 is the first ever deflationary reflect token to perpetually generate yields on the blockchain. 🥮 is a leveraged play on $CAKE 🥞 through the use of the OVEN 🔥🔥🔥 and BAKERY 👨‍🍳 on top of the frictionless yield tokenomics.

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 THE OVEN 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Simply put: 🥮 Tax buys CAKE. CAKE gets staked on PCS. CAKE rewards buy back 🥮. 🥮 gets burned 🔥🔥🔥. Supply goes 🔽 balance goes 🔼. Perma-deflationary regardless of volume! Currently the $MOONCAKE Oven is the #69 top holder of $CAKE.

This is just the beginning, Oven V1. Oven V2 will have added leverage plays on more successful projects to be named later.

This is an entirely NEW concept to the blockchain!!! Please read the full Gitbook that highlights the tech (after all, that’s what we’re here for anyway).

Future plans for $MOONCAKE:

-Asset-backed NFT’s

-Blockchain based game

-Making a Mooncake: The Documentary

🥮🥮🥮🥮🥮TOKENOMICS 🥮🥮🥮🥮🥮

Total Supply: 111,111,111 tokens Allocation:

50% Blackhole

37.5% PCS Listing

5.0% $MOONTIX (Presale)

2.5% Bug Bounties / Marketing

5.0% Treasury

3.3% tax:

2.0% Reflect

1.0% Oven

0.3% Founder Reflect (distributed among 500 tickets)


Official TG:





Token: 0x2e8C05582176Fa93b4590382e8290C73Deb82176

LiquidityPair: 0x8B83fD6eC467030C0D22Bc26bf7dc491b09E0294

Oven: 0xc825413863f677A2012bB8db3A5E4A18BbF29E56

CAKE to Oven: 0xba67a6adfa2cb807182c87ae6864d23c75abc9bc679ce1834ff1ad89c6dde14e

OVEN to SYRUP POOL: 0x653b4f01af2b07e1db73430d8c51b78c979138d6cb3535d2d1b9de891031d9a8

🥮🥮🥮🥮🥮 BUY HERE 🥮🥮🥮🥮🥮

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