HOPE token is having a tax free sale for a limited time! : altcoin

HOPE has already announced that they have secured and will make a 125K donation in the first week of June which will be split between 3 different charities!

They had made a tax free sale for their holders and now decided to open it up to the public, all the tokens sold are from the charity wallets only so all the funds will go for the next donations. There are 3 different sizes of lots, 250K HOPE, 500K HOPE or 1M HOPE. These are sold at the current price at the time of the sale, to get in this tax free sale all you need to do is fill out the form on their website at hope-token.com

The project is really young and already so promising, they implemented an unprecedented tokenomics, EVERY MONTH, 20% of the total donation amount is used to buy hope token for the charity!

It’s like investing in a Token where you know that a huge whale will buy every month and hold because hope token is the whale itself, this is made in a way to always bring a higher price floor through times!

With an initial total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, HOPE Token is applying a 8% tax fee that will be subtracted from every transaction, which will be used this way:

From this 8%

• 3.5% is allocated to monthly donations made to organizations chosen by our holders.

• 1.5% is allocated to a cumulative

• 1% Marketing

• 1% to marketing and operational expenses. .

• 1% to the six owners and every member of the organization.

• 1% will be burned


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