$FETCH Just Listed on CoinGecko 🔥 First Risk Management Platform on BSC

How many times have you thought you were onto the next BIG project …

Only to get wiped out by bots, honey-pots, rug pulls, and more 😤

Your hard-earned cash scooped up by some derelict children with less business sense than an authentic Japanese store selling products made in the USA!

The era of community tokens is here, and it’s only getting bigger.

But …

That growth is unfortunately generating countless opportunities for scammers to clean you out.

So how do you invest your money in a safe, effective and rewarding manner where you can go to sleep at night, without stressing about waking up to a dead coin?

The answer is simple.

MoonRetreiver, the first BSC Risk Assessment Platform that aims to take the community token niche to a whole new level, bringing an array of features together, AND MORE, that you would normally have to …

– Check multiple websites

– Search for vulnerabilities in code

– Understand tokenomics

– Collate all the data together and make a decision

For most of us, this simply isn’t possible.

So, why can’t we have a platform you log into like ANY other portfolio/tool based software that covers this specific niche within the crypto world that harbours so much potential for incredible, life-changing growth?

This is was brought the team behind MoonRetriever together.

We believe so firmly in the future of community tokens that we have dedicated our focus towards creating the GOTO platform for safety & security in this amazing space.

🔥 🔥 🔥 CoinGecko Listing: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/moonretriever 🔥 🔥 🔥

You can find their litepaper here: https://moonretriever.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/MoonRetrieverLitepaperV3.pdf

Before you do though!

Check out this video on them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUjNykhYw9k&t=534s

… and read on below 👇

I think it’s worth noting some of the achievements and updates they’ve had in our first 3 days of existing:

  1. They had an incredibly successful launch hitting a $20M market cap in the first few hours

  2. Despite being a few days old during one of the biggest crypto dips they’ve had in a long time, they’ve held our community base and MC strong at around $4 -$5M

  3. Just under 9K holders already

  4. We’re doxxed, fully audited, Gov issued ID’s and all

  5. Trended #1 on Coinhunt.cc (next availability for promote section booked for 28th May)

  6. Huge marketing plans on the way(Top tier influencers, comps, etc.)

  7. Community is absolutely amazing, so supportive, respectful and fun.

  8. Super active team members, almost 24/7.

… and so much more!

With the market coming back today… they’ve got something exciting to surprise the community with for those who are invested and held through the market dip …

Join their TG & don’t miss out: https://t.me/MoonRetriever

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