DCIP Decentralized Community Investment Protocol : altcoin


I’ve Recently come across this great coin. They have a prominent use case in my opinion and they show a lot of promise in crypto and even the investing world!

I did join their Telegram and notice alot of involvement with the team that set it up, which is fully DOXXED btw.

The thing i like most is that they have a real use case. The CEO posted alot and we had some small AMAs already and he wants to invest in real life assets when the App they are making is done.

They are listed onCoinGecko and i believe that the request for listing on CMC is on its way now because the holders are reaching the 2500 mark needed!


They also have a big AMA planned this Sunday the 22nd, Its being held in a real safe or so we have been told in the community. I look forward to it and maybe opening up a few discussions 😀 .

I wanted to ask what everyone thinks about this? I believe a real use case as this one could be awesome and i will invest (and have already invested) in this Coin!

Not sure if its allowed but i do wan tto add the TG link in here. they have several servers, i am personally in the “original” one and the Dutch group which is new but also showing that everyone is helping eachother. https://t.me/DCIPfinance

Please let me know what you think of it! I like to read maybe a few discussion so my judgement can be clearer when it comes to investing stuff like this!

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