$DAG = Ponzi scheme/rug pull Read below! : altcoin

$10mil+ stolen by $DAG from early investors. Many reasons why you should stay clear from constellation.

  1. Early investors who missed their token swap during the bear market have lost ALL of their funds. Over 10million was never returned to investors.

  2. The team have blocked and banned any mention of the token swap. This was for their own financial gain.

  3. The CEO is a clear money grabber, his Twitter says he is an co owner of a wagyu meat company, he not in it for the “tech”.

  4. The team are just a bunch of Twitter shillers and spammers to reel more investors in, numerous shills are false information. They also pay crypto shillers to advertise their token.

  5. Their tech is years behind all other chains and they lack work ethic and integrity.

  6. QNT are seizing partnership with them.

  7. The token price clearly never goes up for a reason. Better buy qnt/Avax instead. Investing in btc alone gives you significantly more gains.

  8. Infinite dodgy trades going on, heavy supply meaning prices will always be low.

  9. If you ask $DAG directly they will admit to you they burnt their early investors totalling over 10million with no shame.

  10. Clearly another crypto Ponzi scheme/ pump and dump. Do you want you invest in these sort of people? Do your research!

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