Are you tired of insane funding rates, high regulation, scam wicks, shady websites for trading. I was too, and then I found Gfarm. : altcoin

Coin Market Cap:

Even if you don’t believe leveraged trading, the tech behind Gfarm is still something to marvel at and want to get behind. The use 7 chain link oracles to derive a fair price for Gfarm, then when someone opens a position they put Gfarm in and if they are profitable it mints then money and if they aren’t is burns the Gfarm. Since people mostly lose money with trading, the coin is deflationary( already 2,000 out of 35,000 have been burned). Yes, the coin only has a total supply of 35,000 not an insane few million. Overall the trading volume has 10x from 10 million to 100 million. The price still has the potential to go even higher, has a market cap of 700 million. Gfarm has a current market cap of 19 million. The developer is very active on the telegram.


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