Altcoin Predictions using SanR : altcoin

Santiment has helped us out with a few of our Daily Altcoin threads and they have a side project called SanR that lets people make predictions on where they think certain coins are going.

It’s free for anyone, you just connect your Metamask and make some predictions by opening a position, and then you can close a position at any time (or they close themselves in 14 days).

It’s based on crypto pairs, so for example I just loaded up a new account and made the following predictions a few hours ago:

  • BNB will rise vs BTC

  • BTC will fall vs USD

  • ETH will rise vs USD

So far I’m 1.51% wrong on BNB, 2.87 wrong on ETH and 2.02% right on BTC for a total of -2.31% so far.

I’ll post my results here…. I have no idea what I’m doing… Happy to take some tips from the community here on where you all think the market is headed!

You can follow along here:

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