A Project That Listens To Their Community’s Requests And Suggestions. Feedback Is A Gift! $VRA : altcoin

Another update at verawallet.tv done by Verasity to improve the UX in favor of their users.

This time they focused on small yet important details that can make a big difference when using VeraWallet

Small things often mean a whole lot and most importantly, attention to detail is what makes a tech company thrive! $VRA!

Check out the medium article for the tweaks and updates on VeraWallet

VeraWallet Just Got A Lot Better

Also! Very nice to see the CEO acknowledging and appreciating the power and unity of his community. Verasian champs!

CEO’s tweet

For those interested to become a part of our ever-growing VRA-Family feel free to join us either on TG, Reddit or both 😊- I am sure you will be warmly welcomed by mods and members alike

Verasity SubReddit.

Verasity Official Telegram Channel.

See Coingecko.


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