👀 DeFi Is Heating Up On Syscoin (Pegasys & Mute) 🔥

Heads-up — two separate DeFi projects just got announced this week on the Syscoin L1 platform:

💬 Mute.io


🦄 Pegasys.finance


If you're not familiar with Syscoin, this is an OG coin (from 2014) that unites the best of BTC (BTC core compliant code and merge-mined with BTC for hardened security, having the second highest hashrate of any coin, period) with the best of ETH (can run any smartcontract from any chain by way of their revolutionary NEVM), and rolls them together into a smartcontract supernova …

Did I mention the current marketcap is miniscule (compared to say SOL or ADA or FTM, etc?)


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